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Interferential Current

Uses electrostimulation to reduce pain and spasm.  Very effective for low back pain.



Uses ultrasound waves to break down scar tissue, encourage an increase in protein production on the cellular level for healing and to reduce edema. 



Aids in reducing anxiety and reduce cortisol production for deep sleep and relaxation.  www.braintap.com we sell the units.  Many do trial visits before buying. 

$200.00 for 10 treatments


www.nucalm.com helps stop cortisol production and takes you into deep meditation where 20 minutes will equal two hours of deep sleep.  Many find these treatments restart deep sleep at night. 

$300.00 for 10 visits

Spinal Manipulation

Call for a free consult, if we cannot help you with Chiropractic, we will tell you and give you a referral to the correct healthcare provider.  No prepaid packages for thousands of dollars.

Depends on insurance coverage or cash cases or liens

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  • In Sportif Chiropractic Center we believe in spinal manipulation. All patients, after examination, if deemed necessary will receive spinal manipulation. Spinal manipulation is done by hand and on rare occasion if someone requests by an electronic activator.

  • Physical therapy modalities such as Interferential therapy, Ultrasound therapy, Ice and moist heat available. 

  • Patient education is free with every treatment to promote active care by the patient. Exercise and stretching instructions will be given for the specific injuries. This will prevent future flare-ups and re-injuries. 

  • We now have computerized decompression for patients with disc bulges and herniations which cause radicular nerve pain. Please call for a free consult if this treatment can help you before surgical intervention. 

  • We are very excited to have Nucalm treatments for patients that have sleep issues. Nucalm has proven to be 98 percent effective in three treatments for putting patients into deeper sleep at night and patients report REM sleep consistently. Side effects of this treatment include reduced use of caffeine during the day, many report stopping soda addiction, coffee addiction, sugar addictions. Other positives many have stopped using prescription medication sleep aids and anti anxiety medication. Please call to see if this treatment can help you.